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Beautiful Laser Business (BLB) is a leader company in introducing and supplying cosmetic and medical laser equipment for skin, hair, beauty, slimming and fitness. BLB provides the best consulting services for ease of decision making, as well as after-sales advice such as promotional support. To get more information about products and services, please contact the consulting and sales department. BLB’s courses on cosmetic skin care, hygienic care and laser usage, cosmetic equipment usage, and fitness are available. You will receive a valid certificate after successful completion our classes. These certificates enable you to operate cosmetic equipment and work as an assistant to a doctor. In these courses, you will learn more about skincare, working with different hair removal lasers, HIFU treatment, hair transplantation, tattoo removing with Q-Switch laser, and other cosmetic equipment and techniques. To join our classes or to book our services, please contact us. We will cover topics such as skin recognition, common skin diseases, different methods for skin rejuvenation and deep skin cleansing, moisturizing, nutrition and proper usage of different fitness equipment are also explained. In addition, In these courses, you will learn working with different skin lasers such as hair removal lasers and rejuvenation lasers. After going through each of these courses, you will be able to get your certificate.

لیزر الکس دایود ان دی یاگ گلدنس پلاس

Alex Diode Nd:Yag Goldness+

الکس دایود اندی یاگ گلندنس

Alex Diode Nd:Yag Goldness

لیزر الکس دایود ان دی یاگ پرومکس

Alex Diode Nd:Yag Promax

الکس دایود ان دی یاگ اکو لیزر

Alex Diode Nd:Yag Eco-Laser

الکس دایود ان دی یاگ های پرومکس

Alex Diode Nd:Yag High-Promax

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لیزر دایود ۶۰۰ وات


اس اچ آر shr




لیزر ان دی یاگ کیو سوئیچ

Nd:Yag Q-Switched




Vaginal HIFU